The Sport mouth guard is vital to ensure prevention of dental injury during a game, as well as limit the like lihood of concussion which could occur as a result of high impact challenges. We recommend wearing a sport mouth guard during any type of sport that could cause trauma to your teeth.

When selecting the protective equipment, patients should ensure the temporary fixture fits comfortably in the mouth, as well as extending to the very back teeth at the top and bottom.

The type of mouth guard worn can be dependent on the sport played by the individual, with low-impact activities normally requiring a thinner layer of protection than sports that include high levels of physical contact such as rugby.For this reason, people who practice boxing and rugby have been advised to purchase a thicker 4mm sports guard in order to ensure increased protection and peace of mind for them. Mouth Guard is not strictly for use in high-contact sports, as individuals taking part in regular training or other sports may also find the protection effective to improve their ability.

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