Implant Dentures ( Removable)

Complete Denture are difficult to wear , best are Implants can be used underneath removable denture to eliminate many of the problems associated with denture wear.

In the upper denture, most people complain about having the plate of the mouth covered, thus decreasing the ability to feel and taste food. Four Implants under an upper denture hold it securely so that the size of the plate can be reduced, removing the plate from the denture altogether.

The Lower Denture is more difficult to wear then the upper(there is no suction to hold). It constantly moves, presses on the gum and has to be hold in by the cheeks and tougue. All is needed is two implants under the lower denture improve it so much. Since the denture anchor on the implants instead on the gums they allow patients to bite much harder with no discomfort.

Implant Denture (Non – Removable)

For people who don’t want to take their denture out every day, non removable implant supported denture may be the option

This treatment requires more implants than a removable implant denture. The denture is screwed onto the implant. The final results is much more natural feeling set of new teeth. Natural chewing forces are completely restored.

Full Mouth Treatment

An entire mouth can be rebuilt using Dental Implants to support replacement teeth. The most natural results are achieved when a beautiful porcelain crown and bridge treatment is used in conjuction with precise implant placement. Usually 6- 8 implants on the upper and 4-6 implants on the lower are used to support an entire set of porcelain teeth

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